About Us

A diamond is the hardest material on Earth, and has long been honoured for its beauty as a gem. For India, diamonds are forever, yes, forever. Is it that the Indians love diamonds, or is it that they are skilled at identifying, polishing, and setting the diamonds right? The diamond is kind of literally the "crown jewel" of all gems. Around 90 of the world’s diamonds pass through Gujarat, especially Surat, for polishing, making the Indian state a crucial member of the diamond supply chain. We started our diamond trading business in 2001. The Gopal Diamonds was incepted in 2008. The company mainly imports rough diamonds from Belgium and Antwerp. The cutting and manufacturing processes are being done at Surat and Bhavnagar factories with a dream to deliver world class diamonds with the highest quality and standards! The company has rapidly expanded its growth exponentially and currently operates at Surat and Mumbai. However big or small, this industry is grounded on extremely high-value trades that demand trust in each other. For over a decade, Gopal Diamonds has been one of the most trusted names in the world of diamonds. The Diamond Industry is an industry which attracts all, but isn't for all. High expertise, a right check, and loads of pecuniary transactions involving trust and faith are involved.

The millennial entrepreneurs from the family decided to add more glitter to diamonds by making stunning diamond jewellery with conflict-free natural diamonds that are ethically sourced. That's how our story begins with Shwenit Jewels Pvt. Ltd.

Our diamond jewellery, crafted from our diamonds, is captivating in its brilliance. All possess the brilliance and perfection of the 4Cs that diamonds are valued for: cut, colour, clarity, and carat, which one must master to identify and assess. We offer unique and beautiful designer diamond jewellery. As they're truly significant, sturdy, and lasting, diamonds have acquired a symbol of love and devotion that corresponds to the description flawlessly. Hence, it seems only fair that one recognises and memorialise their special occasions with unique diamond jewellery.

Trade secrets in the jewellery industry have been passed down through generations, ensuring the longevity of traditional crafts. At Shwenit Jewels, you can choose from a wide range of designer jewellery with a variety of diamond shapes and colour options for jewellery that is appropriate for your individual personality and occasions. We have an in-house certified design team as well as experienced makers. We always follow the precise parameters for best finishing, polishing, and durability. If you are a retailer, wholesaler, jeweller, or individual buyer looking to associate your brand with us, then feel free to contact us.

Jewellery For Women Who Own Their Glow

We create pieces that help you release your sparkle, radiate your authentic self, and let your personality shine through. Diamonds, as gems, hold an emotional value for the wearer and make you feel special and cherished each time you enhance your beauty with their radiance.

The essence of the brand lies in the evolution of your own personal style journey, the celebration of who you are and who you aspire to become. Pieces that allow you to blend, layer, and follow trends while still remaining timeless Diamond jewellery carries a sentimental value as well for people in a relationship and is generally gifted on special days and occasions, thus making rich remembrances.

We can provide you with jewellery made of diamonds at an affordable price. Take a peek at our stunning diamond jewellery designs for an enriching experience worth your time.

Every collection is the creation of a new world for the woman of today, who is style-conscious, independent, and unapologetically herself.